Protected landscape areas

Rules of behavior in national parks and reservations


Information and advice for the visitors of national parks and reservations.

Krkonoše National Park


The Krkonoše National Park - KRNAP was the second national park established in the former Czechoslovakia, it was in 1963. It is one of the most significant protected nature areas in our country, and it is considered one of the largest parks in Europe.

Nature preserve Dvorský forest, Rýchory ridge

Horni Marsov

Dvorský forest is the highest point on the Rýchory Ridge.

Prales Jizera Nature Preserve


The Prales Jizera - Virgin Forest of Jizera is the oldest nature preserve in the territory of the Jizerské Hory.

Nature preserve Bukovec


A basalt mound Bukovec near Kořenov is lonely protruding from the granite massif of Jizera mountains.

Velká Jizerská Louka Nature Preserve


The nature preserve called Rašeliniště Jizery - Velká Jizerská Louka - Jizera peatbog - Large Jizera Meadow, is the largest peat-bog area in the Jizerské Hory.

Nature monument Strážník


National monument Strážník is situated between Bystrá nad Jizerou and Mříčná.

Nature preserve Úpa peat bog

Mala Upa

Úpa Peat bog is the largest mountain peat bog in the Giant Mountains.