Outdoor swimming pools

Vejsplachy Pond


A natural swimming-pool with sandy beaches and access to the water through a shallow part.

Zákoutí swimming centre


The Harrachov swimming centre is situated in Zákoutí near tennis courts.

Dolní Kalná swimming centre

Dolni Kalna

The swimming pool is situated in the valley of a brook, 7 km from Hostinné.

Radeč swimming centre


Swimming centre with grass beaches and a concrete bottom. Refreshments available.

Kruh u Jilemnice swimming centre


There is a natural swimming pool is situated in the middle of Kruh u Jilemnice, near the tennis courts.

Swimming-pool Homole


The swimming pool is situated in lovely environment in the upper end of the village.

Pecka swimming centre


A first rate outdoor swimming pool with top quality water.

Jablonec nad Jizerou swimming centre

Jablonec nad Jizerou

The swimming pool is situated in the Pilišťata sports grounds.

Valteřice swimming centre

Horni Branna

A swimming pool situated in pleasant settings at the edge of the town.

Swimming-pool V Mlejnkách

Vysoke nad Jizerou